The Largest Photoglobe in the World goes through to the next round
Theme: 175 Years of PhotoMoments

The internationally organised co-operative „Largest Photoglobe in the World“ initiative which will cast everything that has gone before into the shade, is working together with the „175 Years of Photography“ Jubilee and also photokina 2014, going through to the next round. Within the framework of the „175 Years of PhotoMoments“ theme, all photo-enthusiasts throughout in the world are called upon to help create at the English and German-language portal a unique journey in pictures, to cover not only all continents, but also as implied by the „175 Years of Photography“ Jubilee, a photographic journey through time. The uniqueness is programmed into the co-operative “The Largest Photoglobe in the World“ initiative which includes space for creative visions, and will reach its climax at photokina 2014, to take in Cologne from September 16 to 21. photokina visitors will find there not just „The Largest Photoglobe in the World“ with its vast diameter of six meters, but also a spell-binding Sea of Photos in the concourse between Halls 4 and 5.

Objective of the co-operative initiative

The sponsors of the co-operative initiative are pursuing as part of the 175th Jubilee of Photography and also of photokina 2014 the objective of helping to create a unique journey through time in photographs covering the decades of the history of photography. The range of subjects captured has not only become more varied as a result of technological progress, but also according to unanimous opinion, the way in which they have been focused on. Every age has its preferences in terms of subjects, and also experiments – that will in terms of the vision be brought to life in lasting form by the co-operative „The Largest Photoglobe in the World“ initiative using the portal as well as photokina 2014 itself in September.

How to take part

We invite people from all around the world, in harmony with the theme „175 Years of PhotoMoments“ to play an active part with their photographs in „The Largest Photoglobe in the World“ co-operative initiative and to upload those from the present and also the past to the portal That will also give people the opportunity to submerge themselves in their treasure-trove of photos, going back to the time of their grandparents and beyond and so to retrieve a variety of memories. With every uploaded photo, which must be allocated to a year, there will be created step-by-step a journey with pictures through the 175-year history of photography, which will form a mirror image of social trends across the world’s continents.

Sponsors of the co-operative initiative

The unique co-operative „The Largest Photoglobe in the World“
initiative has only been made possible by the support of the members of the Photographic Association (Photoindustrie-Verband) Canon, CeWe, DNP, Fujifilm, Hama, HapaTeam, Kodak Alaris, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Sigma, Sihl, Sony, Tamron, Tetenal and walimex as well as Prophoto GmbH and photokina.

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