The World’s largest Photoglobe - Join in and be a winner!

We take your treasured photos to photokina 2014

The international joint initiative “The World’s largest Photoglobe” goes to the next round, in the photokina year 2014 and for the jubilee “175 Years of Photography”. All photo enthusiasts worldwide are invited become part of the action: by uploading their photos on the German/English portal – true to the motto “175 Years of PhotoMoments”. With their photos the users create a unique journey in pictures across all continents, reflecting the jubilee “175 Years of Photography”.

Join in and win great prizes!

All account holders who upload their treasured photos on the Photoglobe portal by 30 June 2014 will take part in a draw – with prizes ranging from cheques to photokina tickets and digitalization vouchers from the companies MEDIAFIX (Cologne) and medienrettung (Berlin). This means that uploading photos to “The World’s largest Photoglobe” is double worth the effort: users can win great prizes, and their photos will be at photokina 2014 which opens its gates from 16 to 21 September in Cologne. In passage 4/5 the photokina visitors will find “The World’s largest Photoglobe” with its gigantic six meter diameter as well as an enthralling Sea of Photos with thousands and thousands of pictures.

This is what you need to do

True to the motto “175 Years of PhotoMoments” you can join in the initiative “The World’s largest Photoglobe”: by uploading your photos from the present and from the recent and distant past on the portal Obviously, you retain the rights to these photos. Just one more thing: please assign one year to each photo that you upload. Step-by-step this creates a journey through time covering “175 Years of Photography” – and also a mirror of societies and their development across all continents.

Uniqueness guaranteed!

Celebrating “175 Years of Photography” and photokina 2014, the founders of the joint initiative are asking you for your support – to create a time journey through many decades of photography … a journey that has never been traveled before in this way. There is general agreement that technical progress has increased the variety of photo motifs and the way of getting them into focus. Every period has its own preferences for certain motifs but also allows experimentation. With your photos, this will be clearly visualized in the joint initiative “The World’s largest Photoglobe” at photokina 2014 and at the portal We are counting on you!

Sponsors of the co-operative initiative

The unique co-operative „The Largest Photoglobe in the World“ initiative has only been made possible by the support of members of the Photographic Association (Photoindustrie-Verband) Canon, CEWE, DNP, Fujifilm, Hama, HapaTeam, Kodak Alaris, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Sigma, Sihl, Sony, Tamron, Tetenal and walimex as well as Prophoto GmbH and photokina.

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