Bizarre photo and imaging products - be creative, come on and join in!

As part of the “175 Years of Photography“ Jubilee, we are offering all those with creative instincts a platform for “bizarre“ photo and imaging products. This takes the form of our Homepage at and also our Facebook channel at Already on the Internet, many of these bizarre designs can be seen – but we will make a much wider audience available to creative people.

It seems that in many of us there is not only a hidden picture-maker, but also a genuine artist, possessing enormous creative potential when working with a huge variety of materials – including wood, paper, fabrics, modelling clay, and also metal, dough and Lego. Many photographic works of art from bags to door-stoppers can already be admired on the internet, and some of them which take the form of cameras are of a practical nature. There is also a culinary dimension, for instance with biscuits and cakes in the form of cameras.

Kind of bizarre photo and imaging products which we would like to see can be either of practical use or kitschy and can form the dust-collectors that bring storage shelves to life or stand on writing-desks; they can also be something to eat. We not only open up photo and imaging products to a wider public, but if the information is made available to us, we will publish instructions on how to recreate these products. Naturally, we would like to see pictures of them, which may in some instances generate smiles. And perhaps some of these creations will be so mind-grabbing, that they can be converted into a new business area for their originator. So, be creative and let us, and as a result the whole world, join in with you.

We too, in the Jubilee Year of 2014 will not be idle, and from time to time will present objects which we have created, together with instructions for making them. We also keenly look forward to seeing the photo and imaging products, that you have designed, which we will then present to our users. And who knows, perhaps at photokina 2014, which runs from September 16 to 21, we will present some of them in original form.

Instructions for a bag in the form of a compact camera (PDF)

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